Every Being is a unique tree of life with full access to their highest consciousness.

Each of us a tree with a network of stable, healthy roots, established in solid fertile ground.

A supportive trunk expanding with wisdom, worth and value as we grow upward toward the light.

With branches that faithfully reflect the patterns of balanced roots, bearing the creative fruit of their most magnificent design.


A tree alive with Sacred Love

You can awaken your tree of life.

Like oxygen into blood, Sacred Sounds infuse your consciousness with light. Through this energetic osmosis harmony interrupts chaotic patterns. Singing the new patterns of conscious light raises the vibrational frequencies in your cells and influences regeneration of your original heart centered cellular design.

GRATITUDE for every experience, no matter how it presents itself, is the key to cultivating this transformational experience within your heart.  Every moment is a teacher and a guide in your wonderful life.

Our ever-beating heart…from the moment it first forms in the womb,

Until it beats its last, represents the unyielding connection to divine source.

It beats for us even in our sleep. Its electromagnetic energetic field is the strongest that the body holds.

Just as we are connected and loved unconditionally on the etheric plane by every holographic heart in existence,

Our personal heart print is uniquely ours alone holding the deep desires of our souls expression.


Jolie A. C. Barretta Keyser