With Sacred Sound, we re-organize physical molecular structure and the molecules of our spaces into Harmonic Sacred Geometric Patterns. Sound is the most powerful transformational mode of healing available. Like oxygen into blood, Sacred Sounds infuse your consciousness with light. Frequency is the medicine of the future. Jolie Cymatic Design uses the sound of the human voice, to create a unique session opening the portals and passageways of our tree of life.
Clients have experienced rapid manifestation of their deep desires, release of long held unwanted patterns of behavior, and a deep peaceful awareness of their Divine Connection to Source as a result of their Sacred Sound Sessions. The sense of unconditional acceptance and true love of self is the starting point for Genuine Joy and Connection to others and our planet. Through this energetic osmosis harmony interrupts chaotic patterns. Singing the new patterns of conscious light raises the vibrational frequencies in your cells and influences the regeneration of your original heart-centered cellular design.